I want to be alongside

   Everyone can do it!

   We live and dream to make one day a great deed. We read in newspapers, get know from news reporting about dimensioned beneficent measures that are holding by the reliable companies, marked men and rich businessmen. And always we constantly think: " Of course, if I had opportunity, I would help as well". So, we stay aside from the great deeds and revert to the routine life.

   Very few know that absolutely everyone has an opportunity to help. Even a child who doesn't earn his living can write the letters for sick and lonely coevals! And a moderate means pensioner can knit a warm little cap and visit a child in the boarding school! The young men could, for example, buy the ventilators for children's department of the oncological hospitals. Chemotherapy and irradiation hurt children and the insufferable heat increases their sufferings.

   Look around: those who suffer need you! Learn to be alongside and teach it to your relatives.

   If you want to help, contact us and we will advise you what kind of help is needed now.


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