Service center

   Service center for people with an incurable cancer form will include:



   Coordination center for implementing the following functions:

   1. Information gathering concerning the needs of the patients; crews' reports on tasks accomplishment; critical situations notions, which imply service center employees assistance, etc.

   2. Job coordination of patronage crews and center employees by means of radio communication.

   3. Organization of the telephone hot line for persons willing to obtain information concerning patronage service operation and the fund in general.

   Supply unit realizes preservation, preparation and food packing for the patients. The unit will comprise:

   1. Food products storage premises, equipped with refrigerating equipment, boxes for storing vegetables, etc

   2. Kitchen for cooking.

   3. Premises for food packing, equipped wit facilities for hermetic packing into disposable utensils.

   4. Room in which foods coming from the packing premises may be distributed to the following addresses and placed into boxes for further transportation.


   Household unit for coordination of all stages involving washing of the patients' linen and clothes, for storage and distribution of humanitarian aid and personal hygiene items. The unit will comprise:

   1. Laundry, equipped with washing machines.

   2. Drying premises, equipped with powerful fans.

   3. Room for ironing, equipped with irons, ironing boards and ironing machines, where clean and ironed linen may be packed into bundles.

   4. Humanitarian aid storage.

   5. Room where the linen coming from the ironing room will be distributed to addressees and placed into boxes for further transportation. To these boxes will be added humanitarian aid items in accordance with the information of the patients' needs coming from the coordination center.


   Special facilities storage areas. Facilities meant for patients' physical activity supporting. These may be special beds, wheelchairs, walking-sticks etc.

   Service unit for personnel will do to create most favorable conditions for personnel work, which involves considerable emotional and psychological stress. The unit will comprise:

   1) rest-room,

   2) laundry,

   3) shower room,

   4) locker room with personal cloth lockers.

   5) dining room. The food will be cooked in the kitchen and the staff will pay for it. The pay will involve products cost only.


   Conference hall. Meant for:

   1. Staff training lessons.

   2. Problem discussion arising from human staff relations, and problem having concern to nursing process.

   3. Seminars and meetings held with public organizations representatives, funds, politicians, mass media and public services representatives operating in the field of catering incurable patients and rehabilitation of children suffering from oncological diseases on completing the treatment course.


   Vehicle fleet with:

   1. Boxes for technical inspection and minor damage repairs.

   2. Covered parking for cars in the service of the center.