Children Protection Day

  - Dad, is Children Protection Day a holiday?

  - Yes.

  - And who should we congratulate on this day? - asked me my nine-old daughter on the eve of the fist of June.

  I considered for a moment on this naive child's question. Then replied automatically:

  - May be it is not necessary to congratulate anyone. Merely on this day one should do something pleasant and useful for children.

  But I bethought immediately: what about the rest of the days? Something wrong here:

  Day long one can watch the reporting about campaigns arranged by singers, deputies, contenders and funds: but what about yesterday, and every other month? Are children needless over again? And then I thought that it would be great annually on the first of June to start some new long-term campaign, aimed at relieving children! Let this campaign start on this day and last through the beginning of the next and next campaign: as long as there left no child in Ukraine crying with grief of parents loss, of pain of disease undergone, of loneliness and of not understanding of near relatives that is us, adults.

  This year on the first of June our fund, "Hospice- Ukraine", started the realization of the first stage of our long-term programme aimed at rehabilitation of children suffering from oncolytic diseases, having undergone the hardest course of treatment with chemotherapy and irradiation. We have found assets and organized a trip to the sanatorium in Truskavets for the term of 24 days.

  Meanwhile we could do that just for nine children with their parents and also for two young girls. One of those girls being sixteen years old was treated for lymphogranulomatosis and became an invalid. The girl practically does not see anything and walk with the help of the stick. Her name is Marina, she is twenty-one, and this year she entered the University "Ukraine". Another girl's name is Natasha, she is seventeen. Her treatment finished two years ago successfully. And after having the rest in Truskavets she is preparing for the school leaving party.

  In such a way we spent the Children Protection Day this year. I hope, my daughter gained an insight into essence of this holiday, having no idea that she gave us, adults, to understand a lot through her question.