Interview with the president

   Interview with International charity fund "Hospice Ukraine" president Valeriy Dutyi.

   - What are major tasks of "Hospice Ukraine" fund?

  - At present we have two major lines. The first one - creation of the service center and specialists training, who will attend to the social needs of onchological patients with the fourth clinical group and provide domiciliary care. Unfortunately Ukraine does not have any governmental program to support cancer sick patients with the fourth clinical group. Lonely patients are discharged anywhere - left to die in suffering, dirt and poverty. At times their relatives are unwilling to take them home. Our task - to remove this social problem, let people do mental arrangements for leaving this world. The death is a great mystery of the God as well as the birth. But now in Ukraine cancer sick patients have a very hard death. They are tired and are angry at the world.

   Another "Hospice Ukraine" fund activity - children rehabilitation. There are no such programs in Ukraine either. We plan to send those persons, who underwent chemotherapy and radiation exposure treatment to have rest in Ukrainian resort areas: Carpathians, Crimea, Black and Azov seaside. To have a walk at the sea, breathe sea air, rinse legs in sea water, have a boat ride - all that is rehabilitation, relief from negative pain consequences and emotional stress. The separate issue involves dealing with the parents, they also need psychological rehabilitation. You can hardly imagine the state of mother or father who get to know that their child has cancer. In future we plan to create the first in Ukraine rehabilitation fitness and health centre for children.

   - What will service center work look like in terms of providing domiciliary care for sick persons?

  - The service center will comprise dispatch office, products storage, kitchen, laundry, spot for sorting humanitarian aid items. The service center will apply services of professional medical staff, a cook, a barber, and other specialists.

  The crew will visit the sick person several times within 24 hours, delivering food, clean linen and other necessary items. Fund employees will check patient's health state, help him change his clothes, neaten his appearance (have hair cut, shave). They will also clean and ventilate the room, and just stay by him to support psychologically.

  The crew will take away dirty things for washing and pass the information to coordination center as to the items to be delivered during next visit: medicines, tooth paste, soap, towel, socks. Patronage service will visit the sick person at night to check his condition, see if the iron is off, the gas stove not on, or may be the sick one might drop the fag. The dispatch office will be in touch with the crew all the time.

  We plan to start our activities in Kiev. The first step implies creation of the complex service center. We are going to provide care for cancer sick persons with the fourth clinical group in every of 10 city districts.

   - What are these people that will provide domiciliary care for oncological patients with the forth clinical group?

  - These are going to be the specialists from various fields. Professional medical specialists, barbers, cook. We shall create real workplaces. We are sure that for people, who will work at our center the money is not the only thing that matters. The driving force has to be charity. The staff will get wages of course. We plan to recruit people from the volunteers, who will undergo special training, since communication and assistance to the sick person is not an easy task. Some employees will be sent for training to our colleagues abroad, on coming home they will share the experience with the colleagues.

   - Do you feel any support on the side of the society?

  - We established warm friendly relations with all persons we had to cooperate. We feel understanding and support every time. The doctors willingly discuss the problem of cancer sick patients, since for them it is a long-standing problem. They can not manage it without assistance. The hospitals are in terrible state, but the doctors can not throw people in the street! So they are happy to see any support. The parents of cancer sick children share their woe with us and we try to find ways to help them. If Ukrainian businessmen get to know that the good are meant for children they provide discounts for their products.

   Everybody whom we address for help support us. However, sometimes we face some distrust. People can not possibly believe that Ukrainian society is ready for compassion and charity. Many people suspect under our activities various schemes and manipulations. But in most cases these people has never faced all terrible sides of cancer, were lucky not to view our terrible hospitals. Those who ever experienced all that are ready to help according to their abilities.


   - What about governmental and legal support?

  - It is not easy to accept but in Ukraine the cancer sick people with the fourth clinical group do not have any social protection at all. They are left to die. The idea may be that since the person is dying he does not need anything any more. Nobody thinks of the terrible death of cancer sick people, and no measures taken to somehow relieve their suffering for the rest of life. If the sick person has any relatives his situation is not that critical. But not long ago I met a woman, who has no relatives at all: no husband, children or other relatives. She was just lying home dying.

   Another problem is associated with the inadequacy of the legislation as to advertising, television and broadcasting. The documents that stipulate such laws actually hold items which concern social advertising, but in real life are in fact invalid. Besides, the cost of social advertising is almost on the same level with commercial advertising. So as you can see it is very hard to convey such information to the society.

   - What organizations are the partners of "Hospice Ukraine"?

  - We cooperate with a number of European humanitarian and charity organizations. We established personal contacts with organizations of Norway, Sweden and Germany. These countries have efficient social programs, including assistance to cancer sick people. Even those people who do not make big money have the opportunity of decent living, and in case of incurable disease can have a quite death.


   - What are long term plans of "Hospice Ukraine" fund?

  - Hospice organization. Hoses, where people die. Hospitals for incurably sick persons. There some categories of cancer sick people, who can not possibly be cared for at home. Some of these do not have this very home. Take drifters, for instance. Among these cancer is quite a widespread disease.


   Our prior task implies creation and implementation along with governmental support of the program to protect all socially handicapped people. Take care of invalids, pensioners, and poor people. Every person in the state has to be protected and have opportunities for normal living.

   Thanks God on our way we meet people who help us. I believe that in our country there are more good people than we may imagine, but these have to be inspired and made to believe in their own abilities. Our country is not that big as Russia. It is possible to change the situation here. Many of us have been abroad and could see the life of wealthy people. We should not mark time, we have to move on together. Let us work together.

   - What are the "Hospice Ukraine" fund sources of financing?

  - All our services for cancer sick people are free of charge. The fund functions on the basis of donations from private persons and companies, state and non-state organizations investments. All received finances and expenses are under strict control and are transparent for the society.