Hospice motto

   1. Hospice is not the hose for dying. It is a decent life till the end. We deal with alive persons but they die earlier than we do.

   2. Hospice major idea implies relieving of pain and moral as well as physical sufferings. Only with our patient and his relatives we are able to do great thing and find enormous strength and opportunities.

   3. We should neither precipitate the death nor drag it out. Everyone lives own life. No one knows the duration of life. We are only fellow traveler for the patient at this stage of his life.

   4. You should not pay for death as well as for birth.

   5. If the patient can not be cured, that does not mean that we can not do anything good for him any more. Things that seem to be insignificant for a healthy person may matter a good deal for the sick one.

   6. The patient and his relatives is the organic whole. Going into the family stay delicate. Do not judge, just help.

   7. The patient is closer to the death, thus he is wise, watch is wisdom.

   8. Every person is unique. Do not force unto the patient own outlook. The patient gives us more than we could ever give him (in particular?)

   9. Visiting the patient do not be in a hurry. Do not hang over him, just sit beside. No matter if you have little time, do everything possible. If you think that you failed to do something for the patient, talk to his relatives-that will ease your soul.

   10. You have to accept everything. Even patient's aggression. Before you start doing anything try to understand the person, before you understand his, just accept him as he is.

   11. Speak truth if the patient needs it and if he seems to be ready for it. Be always ready to say truth, but do not hurry.

   12. Unplanned visit is as valuable as the scheduled one. Try to visit the patient often. If you can not call on him just telephone him, if you can not telephone, think of him and do telephone.

   13. Do not leave you kindness, honesty and sincerity with the patient, always have these with you.

   14. Always remember that you know very little.