What's done?

Aren't You afraid to communicate with such children.

  International charitable fund "Hospice Ukraine" presented cancer children, who receive treatment in Kyiv regional cancer hospital, with a game room. The room is equipped with all necessary technique for leisure and education.

  I know Natalya Derbeneva, chief of children oncohemathology department, since "Hospice Ukraine" realized a project on International children day, on 1 June 2005. Then we needed information about children, who completed a course of treatment and have no contraindications to go for rest with their parents. I used to visit this department quite often. Natalya Aleksandrovna told me about her little patients, about their disease and complications that might arise after chemotherapy.

  And so the story begun. Some day I visited children oncohemathology department to find out how goes the course of supporting therapy of children we sent to Svalyava on winter holidays. I came out of elevator and saw a boy six years old. He sit on the window sill with her mother with dropping bottle injected. They looked through the window sadly.

    - Hello, I told him.

    - Hello, he replied and as a real man thrusted out a hand to get acquainted.

  "Why they are sitting in the corridor? Why don't they play or watch TV?" - I thought on the way to doctor's cabinet.

  Then the doctor told me, that children spend months in hospital receiving treatment. Sometimes it takes even a year! They can't bare sitting in the rooms, so they try to go somewhere, let it be even corridor. There is no game room in the department.

  So an idea appeared to organize a game room for children of the department. We bought table hockey, playing tent, TV-set with DVD player to watch cartoons, big table to write and draw on, blackboard, soft sofas for parents, wardrobe with lots of drawers to keep children's artworks. We even bought a karaoke system to let children get joy.

  On December 15, an international cancer children day, my family and I together with our close friends, who always support us in such events, spent a day in the department. We organized an opening ceremony and cut a ribbon. We covered a table with sweeties and song karaoke mixed with joy and cheer.

  However, on my way home my mood spoilt a little bit. My daughter told me a story. She said: "I played today with a girl in the hospital. And she asked me: aren't You afraid to play with such children as we are?" I asked her, what she had meant. And she replied: "With ill children".

  I thought it's terrible, that in our society children ill on cancer feel isolated from their peers.