What's done?

Six children. Is it many or few?

  Money donated to "Hospice Ukraine" in a course of jubilee concert of "Karamazov Brothers" rock-band was spent to present 6 children accompanied by a doctor (including 4 parents and two girls of 16 and 18 years old) with a week-long winter holidays in Svalyava.

  Comparing to the amount of children, who need such a rest, six is not a large number. But we should take into consideration, that these six children managed to spend their holidays in highland resort at the expense of common Ukrainian people. The quantity is not so important. What important is that everyone made a contribution to this good cause!

  On 11 January 2006 a group of children accompanied by a doctor left for Western Ukraine to spend marvelous holidays in the Carpathians.

  Yulia is 6. During the trip she still received supporting therapy. She is the youngest in our company and also the most cheerful and active one. Yulia is going with her mother Olia, who's on the 6 month of pregnancy. There's no need to explain, how much she need's to get some rest. She spent most of the past year in regional cancer hospital, despite the fact she lives in Tetiev far from Kyiv and she has 11 year old daughter Ivanka. Nevertheless she decided to give a birth to one more child. Brave mother!

  Tanya is 13, Marina 12. They go with grannies to get some exhilarating fun in snowy mountains. Marina and Tanya just adore gambling. Enough recalling desease! They both went through complications in a course of treatment. Tanya survived viral encephalitis, Marina - meningitis. Girls wanted to leave all that behind. Vigorously they dashed down the hill. Vigilant grannies anxiously gazed after worrying of their grandchildren's health.

  Lilya is going to be 11 in April 2006. She concluded her intensive therapy course in October. Her hair is just few inches long. Her mother Ira worried a lot, because the daughter didn't want to eat and was faint. However, the next day she came to Svalyava Lilya already wanted more than a meal five times a day. Besides she found herself interested in dances. To cut the long story short, Lilya left the sanatorium unwillingly and with her cheeks flushed with red blush.

  Wlada became 16 few days before departure. She is the only Kyiv-dweller among 5 children from regions. Wlada appeared to be the most investigative and learned all the suburbs in a week. She even found a local horse farm and sheep man household, where kindhearted hutsul presented her with a mutton horn.

  Olya few months ago completed a course of supporting therapy. All the children thought she was the most lucky one during the trip. She was 18 and the only two persons, who took control over Wlada were doctor and supervisor. And no grannies! Olya appeared to be very calm and sociable. All the children liked to spend their time in Olya and Wlada's room. They used to draw, to go in for handicraft and just chit-chat.

  For children it was not a week, but just seven days. They didn't want to go back to dull Kyiv and leave behind this winter tale, which all we, everyone, who visited "Karamazov brothers" jubilee concert and donated to Hospice Ukraine, presented children with.