What's done?

This wasn't just a concert

  Is Ukrainian society ready for charity?

  We asked this question ourselves plenty of times...

  International charitable fund "Hospice Ukraine" initiated "Double accord" charitable event to gather money during jubilee concert of "Karamazov Brothers" rock group.

  Oleg (band's frontman) gladly accepted our proposal to place boxes to gather donations in the hall of Palace Ukraine during his jubilee concert.

  Authorities of prestigious concert hall supported the event having found out that donations would be used to send children, who overcame cancer, for rehabilitation.

  Our friends and partners from CorCom PR Agency inspired by the all-round support got down to the event preparation: but "The Question" kept harrowing us: is Ukrainian society ready for charity?

  The day of the concert came. The boxes took their place. Near every box Hospice's representative stands ready to tell about Fund's activities. We prepared special brochures with our contacts for everyone willing to know more about who we are and what we have already done.

  18.00. First visitors appear on the ground floor. I can't tell for sure, what attracted people. Boxes for donations? Posters with images of children who visited Truskavets in summer? People wearing scarves entitled "Hospice Ukraine"? One thing was evident: people got interested. They came up to boxes, asked about Fund, cancer and children, who overcame cancer, and made donations. Certainly many couldn't believe we were frank in our intentions, then we invited everyone to join us and try to be near to those who suffer.

  "Hospice Ukraine" charitable fund gathered 6000 UAH grn. during the concert.

  Ukrainian society is ready for charity! Now we can say it for sure. "Double accord" event proved this to be obvious.