What's done?

Christmas feast

  International charitable fund "Hospice Ukraine" presented children suffering from oncological diseases with 100 tickets on New Year performance in the Palace of sports.

  Children invited their grannies, siblings and friends to enjoy the performance. All aglow with delight they played near the fountain in front of Palace of sports waiting for the new Year performance to commence.

  Ukraine has inherited a tradition to celebrate the feast of a New Year at state level from Soviet times. In December 1935 Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union backed the proposal of Pavel Kostyshev and ruled to establish the tradition of celebrating a New Year feast. In 1936 in column hall of Moscow Union House the feast of a New Year was arranged for children and youngsters. Since that time little has changed in New Year celebrations. The number of concert halls has increased largely and their repertoire became more diverse,

  Modern New Year show managers suggest programs corresponding to versatile interests of a new generation. "Hospice Ukraine" chose two beautiful performances of ice ballet based on Cinderella and Nutcracker tales and invited children, who receive treatment in regional oncological dispensary on Verhovynna str.

  I used to come to the Palace of sports every day, when the performances took place (3-8 January). I wanted to meet families I came to know after Truskavets trip. I wanted to talk to them and to find out, how they were going on, if everything were ok, if children were healthy and if they needed any support. Also I got acquainted with those I met for the first time. I already knew I would exert every effort to help them.