What is done?

On the first 2005, on Children Protection Day Fund "Hospice-Ukraine" organized a trip for 12 children suffering from oncological diseases, and who undergone the course of chemotherapy, accompanied with their parents and doctor . It was a trip aimed at rehabilitation in Truscavets.

  In spite of that fact that existing sanatorium do not meet even basic requirements of rehabilitation of children suffering from oncological diseases, we have found the opportunity to organize their rest in such a way so that children, tired from hard treatment, and their parents could receive maximum of positive emotions.

  The oncologist escorting this group was checking the prescribing of treatment procedures. Most of them appeared to be contraindicative for the cancer diseases. But those few procedures, approved by our doctor, were appreciated by children greatly.

  They took herbal baths, drank phyto-cocktails, attended aromatherapy and curative gymnastics sessions.

  Admittedly, at their leisure time children had nothing to do. And I became convinced once more, that there is a necessity of creating specialized rehabilitation centre, where along with physiotherapy procedures children could take back the joy, lost owing to the disease. But for the present we are proceeding from that we have:

  I organized the trip to stud-farm for senior children. Riding through the forest and hand-feeding beautiful animals children were rejoicing and laughing, possibly firstly after suffering.

  Altogether with junior children we visit the park, were feeding squirrels and birds, talking with their grannies and mothers: about unfortunate results of treatment, about hardships during diagnosing, about doctors' care and horrible condition of our hospitals...

  and about other problems not letting us to stay indifferent and give us strength to go ahead and do something for children suffering from cancer.