What is done?

New department was opened, Alishera street.

  To begin with old casement windows with clefts calling for constant sealing up in winter, washing away the paper in spring and painting in summer was replaced for warm and handy plastic ones.

  Of cause, at the department, which has not been reconditioned for about 20 years, our craftsmen have plastered and painted walls and ceilings of 12 wards, of corridor and all quarters of department in warm and delicate colors. Nowadays this department is meant for 40 babies with their mothers. The floor was planed and linoleum with merry coloring was laid.

  All doors and chandeliers were replaced as well, since they looked too absurd against new and fine wards.

  We purchased new furniture for wards - beds for mums, cots for babies, bedside-tables and chairs.

  In every ward the wash sink and glazed tile round it were replaced.

  Also we bought new manipulator devices and pieces f furniture for consulting room, staffroom and for station of nurse on duty.

  The kitchen and the canteen were equipped taking into account mothers' cooking requirements.

  Also we bought kitchen-ranges, refrigerators, microwave ovens, tables and chairs. Cook-table with sink was installed.

  In hygiene room we placed a bath, shower cubicle, bedeguar, faced walls and floor there with glaze.

  As well we faced with glaze and replaced sanitary engineering at all lavatories.

  We decided to arrange mothers' laundry. It has been equipped with modern clothes washers, sink, drying apparatus with high-powered ventilators.

  The last touch - fine window ledges and curtains on windows with smart patterns.

  Well, that's all, the department is finished and ready to receive its small patients:

  Neatly, lightly and comfortable