What is done?

The children's Ward was opened in hospice department of the municipal oncological Hospital, Verkhovinnaya street, 69.

  Our task was to recast the ward into the room in which the family of sick child could de by his/her side during the unlimited stretch of time.

  With this purpose we first of all decorated the ward with soft pieces of furniture, where mother and father could sleep or have a rest.

  Specially for cloths and goods we selected a locker, wardrobe and small cupboard performed in the same style. Modern compact disk stereo cassette receiver, toys and children's pictures on the shelves made this room cozy and comfortable as the one's own home.

  The floor was covered with a fluffy beautiful carpet, because in fact any mother very often need to get up at night to look after her child and she have no time to think about slippers :And in summer vice versa the nights are very hot and stuffy - there is no opportunity to fall asleep. Moreover the child is exhausted with the illness in addition : That is why we installed an air-conditioner.