Rehabilitation centre

   Rehabilitation centre for children undergone the course of treatment for oncolytic diseases.

   One of the main spheres of activity of "Hospice- Ukraine" fund is the rehabilitation of children suffering from oncological diseases and having undergone the hardest treatment including chemotherapy and irradiation. An illness takes away light-hearted childhood - joy, spree, games and our duty is to restore it for them.

   Our fund is planning to create the first in Ukraine rehabilitation leisure centre at pleasure resorts of Ukraine, such as Carpathian Mountings, Crimea, coast of Black Sea an Sea of Azov. Stay in such a centre gives an opportunity to treat child's tired organism and to inflate child's life with joy and positive emotions.

   Walking through the park of Rehabilitation centre, children will have a chance to frolic at the aqua park, go for merry-go-round, cycle ride, and go roller skating or horseback riding stroking the horse's hairy mane. Contact with domestic animals at "country yard" always attracts children: tender rabbits, pompous geese and funny fancy piggies will return gladness to tired children. And if they want to sit near the campfire and have a snack with shashlik, parents will able to do it at specially assigned shashlik grounds, equipped with everything necessary (brazier and charcoal).

   At the territory of the centre the following will be arranged:


  Leisure Park with whirligigs and games.

  Zoological gardens of "country yard" type.

  A little aqua park

  Shashlik grounds

  The whole territory of the centre will be supplied with bicycle and foot paths.

  Park farm

   In the building of the rehabilitation centre there will be:

  Coordinating centre

  Administration quarters

  Winter garden

  Canteen with the open-air ground assigned for eating in frost-free season.

  Therapeutist's consulting room

  Phytotherapy room


  Herbage bath room

  Exercise therapy gymnasium.

  Several wards (in case if someone caught a cold). It will permit to avoid a contamination of the rest of children and will lighten the nursing care.

  Nurse on duty station

  Conference-hall, using for

  1. holding seminars, meetings with vacationists and staff

  2. watching films and cartoons (mini-cinema)

  3. holding concerts with the participation of singers, actors of theatre and circus

  Playing rooms


  Internet club

  The quarters will be equipped with long-distance line

  Two- and three-seater accomodatins

  Accommodations for children-invalids. Passages and doorway in those accommodations will be widened specially for giving a appropriate way for wheeled chair.

  Stations of person on duty on every floor

  Laundry for vacationists, ironing and drying rooms

  Food storage

  Storehouse for household goods (white goods, household chemical goods, pots and pans)

  Centralized laundry for meeting laundering demands of all services of Rehabilitation centre (white goods, towels, curtains, table-cloth etc.)

  Staff lounge, comprising:

  - Room equipped with bunks and TV-sets

  - Sanitary arrangements and shower cubicle

  Electrician's workshop

  Sanitary technician workshop