Doctor use different definitions for defining a cancer: malignant growth, carcinoma, lymphoma, tumor etc. While most of people interpret the cancer as the dreadful disease, which develops as the parasite and consequently destroys the body.

  Two unique characteristics of cancer cell make this disease be mortal. The first one - it is that cancer cells are able to spread to "neighboring territories" and to attack healthy tissue and organs, depriving them of feeding in process of struggling for the place. The second one - is that these cells are able to travel to the "far" parts of body, where they start to build separate tumor, called metastasis. Usually metastases are generated in bones, lungs, liver, brain and central nervous system. Every one of us contains the cancer cells. They develop constantly in natural way. As the rule the immune system gets rid of these cells by its own. But if owing to some reasons this security mechanism ceases to function, the tumor begins to develop.

  From the viewpoint of professional doctors, it is more chances to control the cancer than other disease, which are dangerous for life. Clinical course is more evident, and most of people can to take care about themselves and stay to be conscious to the very end. But these characteristics make cancer be the most frightful disease for those who have it. The patient has the time and lucidity of mind to realize completely the tragedy, pain and hopelessness of the situation he/she found his/herself in. Cancer possesses two destructive effects, which very often could be revealed simultaneously. They are prolonged emaciation of the person's organism and agonizing pain.

  At early stages of disease the treatment is aimed at recovering or at least considerable prolongation of life. With these purposes naturally one would go through number of discomfort situations.

  However, when the cancer comes back or, in spite of the treating, spreads on, sooner or later it results in fatal outcome. Winning of the further treatment aimed at altering the progress of cancer, should be corresponded with negative consequences which could be produced by this treatment. Usually time passes and there is no remedy left to be effective against the cancer progressing. Nevertheless the treatment is always righteous, if it relieves alleviate patient's suffering, improves his/her health and encourage his/her family.

  Even if there is nothing left able to cease the cancer progressing, patients in any case call for comfortable nursing or palliative, as doctors name such a nursing - relief of symptoms, influencing on the quality of life. After all the patinas should have a comfortable life conditions while being ill and have the opportunity to achieve their own personal purposes, which could be attained in this comfortable condition.

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