About Hospice

All stories and photos on the website were placed with adjustment and permission of mentioned persons.

   It is hard to believe that children may suffer from cancer. You can not imagine the state of the parents who were informed that their child has cancer. You can't hold pain to see the condition of medical institutions where kids suffering from cancer get their treatment. You may hardly believe that Ukraine does not have any special programs for rehabilitation of children who chanced to recover from this terrible disease. They suffered acute pain undergoing courses of chemotherapy and radiation exposure. All that left dip scars on their developing psyche. Wee are beside those who suffer. We use nay means and methods acceptable within current legislation. We invite every of you to join us.

   One of major "Hospice Ukraine" fund activities is rehabilitation of children who underwent a tormenting course of chemotherapy and radiation exposure. The disease steals their happy childhood - joy, tricks, plays and our duty is to return all that to them.

   Our fund plans creation of the first Ukrainian rehabilitation fitness center on free of charge basis in one of Ukrainian resort areas. Living in such a center will help to support exhausted child's organism, fill its life with joy.

   Creation of the first Ukrainian free centralized service center for onchological patients of the fourth clinical group - this may be the most large scale fund program.

   The major idea of "Hospice Ukraine" fund implies that onchological patients with the fourth clinical group will receive care at home from patronage service employees. The projects is aimed at covering with care almost 100 % of all people suffering from incurable cancer and in need of care.

   The service center comprises: coordination center, dispatch office, foods storage, kitchen, laundry, humanitarian aid items storage.

   Cooked food and clean clothes will be delivered by a patronage service crew. The patronage crew will feed the patient, clean his apartment, and take away dirty clothes and linen. Single patients they will get assistance when taking a bath, have hair cut, pay a visit on them to check their state control that all potentially hazardous household utensils be switched off.

   Such care will free the dying person from thought of household hardships, lavish care and love upon him to relieve his spiritual torments at that disease stage. Our task is providing the opportunity for thee sick person to make spiritual arrangements for death, which as well a birth is a mystery.

   In the long term we plan creation and implementation along with governmental support of social programs, covering all socially handicapped persons - the poor, pensioners, invalids.

   Every human is a personality and the entity, regardless of incomes or social position the person has the right to have a good life. We believe that the Ukrainians are ready for compassion and help people who suffer. We say to ourselves that we can not only take but also give. There are millions of us, Ukraine is our country, the pain of its citizens is our pain.

   We are with those who suffer.